Our long experience in the maritime industry, guarantees the highest quality services. We recruit deck officers, engineers, deck and engine ratings and also catering crew to Offshore Vessels (DP, AHTS, PSV, DSV), Tankers (Oil, Chemical, Gas), Container Ships, Ro-Ro, Car Carriers, Bulk and General Cargo.

To the ship owners and vessel managers interested in hiring seafarers from Poland and other Eastern European countries, we offer our professional services of recruitment and human resource management. The scope of our services include:

  • Recruitment of seafarers (various nations) in accordance with the MLC 2006,

  • Verification of all documents according to the requirements of STCW'95,

  • Verification of candidate's knowledge with the help of computer software (Marlins English Language Test and Seagull CES Competency Test),

  • Reference check and verification of the candidate's work history,

  • Visa arrangements,

  • Flag state documents arrangements,

  • Flag health certificates arrangements,

  • Drug & alcohol checks,

  • Police clearance / criminal record checks,

  • Crew planning,

  • Economical travel arrangements (plane, ferry, bus, minibus),

  • Financial arrangements, payroll, insurance,

  • Seafarers training,

  • Working gear.



1. Request for seafarer (new / replacement),

2. Identify duties and responsibilities of the candidate,

3. Contract information (rate, start date, period of work),

4. Sourcing (database, job board on webpage, social media, local media),

5. Screening,

6. Evaluation (interview and assessment),

7. Verification (documents, background and reference check),

8. Selection and presentation candidates to employer,

9. Assistance in hiring (signing contract of employment, travel, flag state documents arrangements).



Our ON-LINE DATABASE is one of the largest database of seafarers and workers in Poland. It contains daily-updated personal information on thousands of high potential Polish and other Eastern European specialists. Hundreds of pre-selected young and well educated seafarers who are currently looking for employment are available through this service. At this moment we have over 40.000 seafarers and industrial workers registered in our database. By using the database search page we can pinpoint and select suitable candidates to our client’s full satisfaction. We can search by marking all or some of the following items: Rank/Trade • Age • Citizenship • Language • Vessel type • License type • Course type • Ex. Company • Last visit in Stan Shipping office • Ready for contract from • Interested in job offer no. • E-mail address • Mobile phone / home phone.

Our database has a very effective system of sending JOB OFFERS and any other information to selected groups of people registered in our system by E-MAILS or TEXT MESSAGE (SMS).



Our recruitment consultants will help you find highly specialised candidates. Our confidential and proactive approach allow us to attract individuals holding rare skills or experienced.



We can also offer cost effective technical and crew ship management.

Stan Shipping positive approach to the Customer and rapid response to his requests puts us at the forefront of recruitment companies in Poland. Our modern, dedicated software for managing the entire process of recruitment and employment, allows us to always meet the expectations of our Customers.

Information for seafarers:

We are constantly looking for skilled deck officers, engineers, ratings and catering crew with experience on:

  • Offshore (DP, AHTS, PSV, DSV),

  • Tankers (Oil, Chemical, Gas),

  • Containers,

  • Ro-Ro,

  • Car Carriers,

  • Bulk,

  • General Cargo.

Latest JOB OFFERS for seafarers.

We offer:

  • Long term employment with reliable vessel owners and managers,

  • High wages,

  • Permanent contracts,

  • Attractive work system.

All seafarers seeking employment with our vessels owners and managers are encouraged to register or update their personal data in our on-line database CV/APPLY.

NOTE: CVs send to us by post or e-mail will not be taken into account in the recruitment process.


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