Stan Shipping Agency Ltd. has zero-tolerance policy towards corruption.
We act with fairness, honesty and honor. We endeavour to be modern, dynamic and friendly while ensuring the openness and transparency of our activities. With this attitude, we are perceived by our workers and customers as an innovative, responsible and trustworthy company. We comply with the applicable law. 
Stan Shipping Agency Ltd. adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and influence peddling in all aspects of its activity.
The zero-tolerance policy towards corruption applies to all of us, including those who act on our behalf.
All management must take an active leadership role to create a culture where corruption cannot thrive and is unacceptable in all forms.
The Anti-corruption Policy should be broadly communicated and propagated among our organisation’s employees, with the support of training initiatives that enable proper understanding and use of its principles in day-to-day work.
Our responsibility, and the responsibility of our subordinates, is to prevent, detect and report cases of bribery and of other forms of corruption, as well as cases of influence peddling. All Stan Shipping Agency Ltd. employees are required to avoid any actions that could result in infringing that principle.

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