Acting on behalf of a fast growing norwegian construction company, we are looking for a blue collar specialists to work on a new 2017/2018 projects related to the civil construction, roads and tunnels building in Norway.

We are currently recriuting for following trades:
- Carpenter (with work experience in Norway),
- Glazier,
- Bricklayer,
- Bricklayer assystent,
- Electrician,
- Mobile crane operator,
- Excavator operator,
- Road equipment operator (road roller, grader, bulldozer, bituminous spreader, milling machine),
- Road worker.

1. Minimum 2 years experience in trade,
2. Previous work experience in Norway will be a advantage,
3. Sufficient english or norwegian language.

1. Employment contract with a norwegian employer,
2. Long-term work in an attractive rotational system,
3. Minimum rate of 150,00 NOK/h gross,
4. Accommodation and travel paid by the employer.



If you are interested, please send your CV to: Please state your trade.

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