Do You perform hot work such as welding, cutting and grinding? Are you looking for employment opportunities in Scandinavia? Do You wonder what kind of certificate is required? Here are some tips to help You find answers for above questions.

Let’s start from explaining what is hot work? Who does it?

Hot works means all work involving the use of equipment that generates sparks and heat that could cause a fire. Hot work includes the use of open flames, hot air and equipment for welding, cutting or grinding.

Hot work is performed in many engineering and construction jobs such as welding, cutting, grinding and roof topping. Due to the high risk of fire, in 2001 the requirement of training, examination and certification of people who perform hot works, was introduced. Safety regulations and certification system are factors which ensure the contractor's  wider knowledge of fire prevention and consciousness related to risk.


Certification systems in the Scandinavian countries:

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have certification systems for people who perform hot works. They differ slightly in the types of work that they cover.

In Norway and Sweden there is only one mandatory certificate associated with the performance of hot work and it includes all types of operations involved. 

In Finland and Denmark, there are two kinds of certificates. One of them is applicable for roof topping and the other is for all other types of hot work.

This means that the Finnish and Danish certificates for roof topping cannot be used, for example, for work with a grinder in Norway.


How to obtain a Hot Work certificate for all kinds of work in Scandinavia?

Certification course includes theoretical and practical exercises for understanding of basic fire safety in the workplace including relevant safe systems of work and permit to work procedures.

The certificate is issued after completion of the training and a positive result of the test, conducted by an instructor approved by the Norwegian National Fire Protection Association. Hot Work certificate must be renewed every five years.

Hot Work course is organised  once a month by Offshore Training Centre and is conducted by a qualified instructor. The course  offered by above training centre fulfils the requirements of the Norwegian insurance branch and the Norwegian National Fire Protection Association.

Book your Hot Work Training today at:

Offshore Training Centre

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