Another three-day training of Ermeto system has been completed. The Offshore Training Center is located at the workshops of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Gdynia Maritime University, and the instructors are experienced in professional and technical training.

The participants of the training were individuals from the south of our country.

The first day of training included theoretical classes in isometric drawing and practical exercises in bending pipes.

The second day of training focused on the Ermeto system and covered the theory and practical installation of Ermeto couplings on the pipe ends. Additional practical exercises of bending pipes based on isometric drawings were also conducted.

The third day of the training was dedicated to complete sample installations based on the delivered project. After familiarizing themselves with the drawings, the participants dimensioned, cut and bent the pipes, selected and installed appropriate Ermeto connectors on the pipes, assembled the installations on laboratory stands and checked the tightness of the system at 30 bar pressure.

All participants passed the practical exam, and their new qualifications were confirmed by an appropriate certificate issued in English.


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